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Futorque® WIP & Smart Clean tablet press

Tablet presses

The kg-pharma tablet presses show their advantages in the pre-production phase, the research and development area or in production.

Punch polishers

New in our product range: PA300 and PA500 punch polishing machines. Sustaining care for your tableting tools.

Your user experience is important to us

Our products are characterized by a high quality and reliability. They are intuitive to operate and require little maintenance. You will be delighted with what we have to offer.

Intuitive handling

Simple and intuitive handling of the application with the help of touchscreens.

High reliability

Manufactured under highest GMP standards, our machines guarantee quality at it's best.


Noise & vibration damped

Especially suitable for operation in sensitive laboratory environments.

Low maintenance

Low life-cycle costs through maintenance-friendly design.

Futorque® X1

With Futorque X-1 on new paths into the future of tableting

The product range of tablet presses is being cited as the new “flagship” from the current development Futorque X-1. This means a new path has been undertaken by kg-pharma in the international market of R&D tablet presses:

Structured modularly, space-saving, cost efficient and low maintenance are just a few keywords that describe the positive characteristics of the innovative Futorque X-1. The 18.5” multi-touch display is currently unique in this market segment.

PrivMed® X

With the all-new PrivMed® X we bring a revolution to all R&D tableting sites worldwide.

A fully automated ultra-compact tablet press (UTP) with an integ- rated high precision gravimetric dosing system. It significantly reduces labor time for feasibility studies and micro batch production, combi- ning powder dosing and table- ting into one step.

Tablet development has never been so easy.With the all-new PrivMed® X we bring a revolution to all R&D tableting sites worldwide.

PrivMed® X ultra compact tablet press
Compare our tablet presses

We offer the right tablet press for every production process. Compare our tablet presses and find the right machine for the needs of your company.

From the filled-in product to the tablet and onwards

The company is consistently positioning itself as a global provider that is specialized in the requirements of the tablet production phase that comes before large-scale production. The R&D tablet presses and the periphery devices of kg-pharma offer all necessary features for this. Since 2006 kg-pharma has been offering rotary tablet presses that are produced in Europe specifically for this development area. In addition, they also fulfill the requirements for the production of small batches, as they frequently come across in the pharmaceutical industry.

The machinery is mobile, easy to use and very powerful. This is certainly one reason for the global success of recent years, for example with the RoTab T model, High-Tech made in Europe. The internationally aligned group of customers comprises to 90 percent pharmaceutical companies.

They appreciate the advantages of the Futorque® X-1, RoTab T 2.0 and RoTab Bilayer tablet presses. The customers of kg-pharma also appreciate the reliability of the peripheral devices, which is not less important in the production preparation phase. The Pharmatechnology PT/PTC, PF/PFC and Econo Flex tablet dedusters as well as the TabCheck 4S and TabCheck 4 tablet testers functionally, robustly and accurately take over their tasks in the process chain.

Global specialist for R&D up to medium-sized production batches

The sales staff will be happy to support you in the selection of machines that are optimized in the R&D phase to your processes.


Make the switch. Use the expensive production machines solely for production and the kg-pharma cost-efficient machines specifically designed for R&D and small batches in the development phase.

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