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Tablet presses and fields of application

Even though over 90% of all machines from kg-pharma go into the pharmaceutical industry, the product line covers a wide range of applications


Tablet presses are also used in food and supplement industry, as well as for the production of high precision technical compaction products.


We set the standard!

The pharmaceutical industry has been a major factor in the improvement of health standards in many parts of the world. For one, pharmaceutical companies produce and sell economical generics. Many companies develop innovative medications by investigating important new active ingredients in their own research and development departments.

This market continues to grow, as evidenced by export figures. According to Statista GmbH, Germany alone exported more than EUR 54 billion in pharmaceuticals in 2012.

Partners with the pharmaceutical industry

kg-pharma has positioned itself in the special area of tablet development. We see ourselves as partners with the pharmaceutical industry. The development of new medications demands high safety standards. In their work, companies must comply with laws governing pharmaceutical production, including pre-clinical and clinical testing that documents efficacy before medications reach the market. The tablet presses, dedusters and tablet testers of kg-pharma are used here specifically for the production of small batches.

For proper dosing of a medication, no form of administration is as ideal as the tablet. It allows the active ingredient to trigger its positive action in the intended part of the body. kg-pharma ensures that tablets developed with the kg-pharma tablet presses ideally achieve and maintain all key parameters such as weight, hardness and shape.

From contract development to scale-up

The next step after development is also an extremely important one for us. We guide our customers all the way through to the production phase: The process of scaling up the tablet press from the R&D phase to series production standards must be simple and safe. Our service team will be happy to assist you in this.

GMP-compliant sanitation standards

The food industry supplies our basic nutritional needs. Here too, tablets are produced – such as sweeteners, dietary supplements and other additives that must be measured out.

Safety meets cGMP standards

The food industry benefits from our R&D tablet presses, built according to the guidelines of the GMP sanitation standard (GMP stands for good manufacturing practice). This standard defines such things as the norms, controls and tolerable deviations for sanitation in the pharmaceutical industry in the manufacture of drugs.

In small-scale series production, the tablet presses of the RoTab series and naturally the new flagship, Futorque X-1, fully meet the requirements of the food industry. The large, smooth surfaces in the pressing space allow for easy cleaning and ensure the high availability of the machines. This increases machine time, particularly when presses are used for small batches.

kg-pharma service team offers consulting – on-site too

Many processes in the food industry have been developed to ensure food preservation or simplify transportation. If you want to use our tablet presses cost-efficiently in your research and development department, please contact our service team. We will be happy to come to you, too.

From powder to soluble tablet

The more precise the results delivered by diagnostic laboratory technique, which tell us what substances, vitamins or minerals are best for our bodies, the greater the wish for food supplements that achieve that purpose. This is where effervescent tablets are seeing increasing use. The pharmaceutical industry as well is benefiting from the advantages of effervescent tablets.

When added to liquids, the substances quickly change from solid to liquid form, significantly shortening the time it takes for the body to absorb the substances. In some market segments, effervescent tablets are gaining ground, particularly in the over-the-counter market.

Effective health aids with fizz

As with other tablet forms, the production and transportation methods used for effervescent tablets are cost-efficient and suited for mass production.

To bring about the best possible process optimization and profitability in the manufacture of effervescent tablets, the specialists at kg-pharma support their customers as early as the development phase. The RoTab series and our specially developed mechanism for measuring the force of the tablet scraper allow adhesive tendencies to be detected even on a trial scale and enable the use of magnesium stearate in the formulation stage.

Our service team will be happy to explain the various applications of the kg-pharma tablet presses for the production of effervescent tablets in the research and development phase.

Catalysts as ring tablets

Catalysts are used in the chemicals industry for purposes such as packing reaction towers. In order to get a reactive surface that is as large as possible, various forms of pellets are used, among them ring tablets.

In our machinery, we implement the special requirements imposed on tablet presses by catalyst pressing for research and development. The machines can be used to test the density of the pellets in particular, usually a key factor, and their mechanical resistance in practical application.

Put the advantages of the innovative Futorque X-1 tablet press to use whenever you need to react flexibly during the development phase.

Specialist in ring tablet presses for R&D und pre-production

kg-pharma’s service team will explain the specifications of the various machines that you should use in developing catalyst pellets – cost-efficiently and flexibly.

Our global clients...

… value our special focus on the pre-production phase products. Particularly for the pharmaceutical industry, applications for small batches as used in clinical studies represent a significant cost aspect .

In tablet development, savings of about 50% on costs and time can be achieved if they switch from actual production machines to a kg-pharma tablet press.

We offer you the tool to detect product flaws and optimize the production process before failures can appear.

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