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RoTab T 3.0

RoTab T 3.0 R&D tablet press

The compact and mobile R&D tablet press in it's 3rd version upgrade

RoTab T was designed specifically for the R&D and small-series production – batch sizes from 50 g to 50 kg – It is mobile, needs little space in the development laboratories and can simply be moved to other deployment locations. With more than 70 installed units worldwide, it is our bestseller for R&D purposes.

Production & R&D

Single layer tablets

max. 48,000 tabs/h

EU/IPT B,D etc


15" Touchscreen

Experience the RoTab T 3.0

Get more impressions about RoTab T in this video:

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Dust-free and damped

The window flaps with all-round sealing elements protect the outside world from press chamber dust. Sensitive laboratory equipment such as weighing devices is not affected when RoTab T 3.0 is used, due to the damping via rollers and the machine frame

Optimized for pre-production purposes

Via the intuitively operating all-new BECKHOFF 15″ touchscreen display, the user controls the software.This facilitates the analysis of the extensive amount of data generated such as that from the batch protocol by means of a summary of all production parameters and statistics. The connection to the TabCheck 5(S) with its fully automatic control of tablet weight and automatic sampling makes handling easy.

The scale-up on all mono-layer tablet press models can be visualized outstandingly and via the optional IQ/OQ documentation the RoTab T 3.0 can be validated in full and used for production purposes within the framework of clinical trials.

The drive motor with its 3.0 KW is ideal, thanks to the high pressing force and low turret speeds. The separately adjustable pre-compression station, the optional FlexAdapt rotor with its pitch circle of 130 mm for all punch formats from  EU B to EU 1″- 441 and the flexible filling funnel sizes with dock-on solutions for all standard charging methods make the RoTab T 3.0 very interesting for tablet development. No complicating changing of the rotor is necessary. The transparent filling tube made of Schott®glass facilitates product flow observation.

Would you like to enhance machine availability in your production and have this demonstrated to you on site? Then just directly contact our sales specialists, who would be glad to arrange an appointment with you or answer individual questions about the RoTab T 3.0.
They will also explain the modular software upgrade options (Basic, R&D and R&D Plus) to you.

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Impressions of the RoTab T

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