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Discover our wide range of services

kg-pharma sees itself as a partner and service provider for the pharmaceutical industry in the area of tablet presses. We specialize in the research and development market and in the production of small and mid-sized batches.

Tableting Academy

Take a class in our Tableting Academy.

On-site calibration

Our staff calibrate your machine in house.

Scheduled maintenance

Longer machine life thanks to regular maintenance.


Complete cost-efficient tablet press refurbishing.


Service & Calibration

How reliable a machine is in operation depends on how well it is maintained. The efficiency and productivity of a machine is determined by the parts installed, the quality of the workmanship and the servicing done during its lifetime.

The employees of kg-pharma's in-house workshops offer you full service. Our own service team puts our tablet presses into operation, calibrates them precisely and maintains them over the long term, right at your location.

Precise calibration of the machines on site

Long-term reliability through our service

More productivity of your machines

Longer life of your machines

Training courses in tablet development

Your personal Tableting Academy: we offer courses from entry level to professional tablet development, machine adjustments and evaluation of trial data on our machines.

We make you graduating to the perfect tableting professional!

Training on our R&D tablet presses from parameter settings to maintenance

Mono and Bilayer tablet development

Evaluation of trial results, compression diagrams, tablet hardness adjustments


Modernization and reconditioning

Most of the R&D tablet presses will be, even after a decade or more time in operation, in good mechanical condition, while the operation software and computer systems become outdated.

We will set up budget calculations to support you in estimating costs for a complete reconditioning job. After that, if necessary, we will transport the tablet press to our facilities.


Our service experts will check the machine condition and present you a detailed cost proposal so that you can issue your order with 100 % cost safety. Reconditioning enables you to extend your machine's operation life significantly.

Significantly extend the service life of the machine

Trained specialists retrofit your machine

Accurate costing to check profitability in advance

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