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Tartaric acid

Food grade 100 % natural Tartaric acid derivates

Tartaric Acid is found naturally in numerous fruits, with grapes being the sole source for its industrial production.

Our Tartaric Acid is derived from grape by-products, ensuring a natural origin. Certified as food grade and Kosher, our Tartaric Acid boasts versatile applications, functioning as an antioxidant, acidifier, flavor enhancer, stabilizer, and sequestering agent.

They are classified under E334/335/336 and E337 of food additives, meeting stringent quality standards for various uses.

Natural Tartaric acid

Formula: C4H6O6

CAS: 87-69-4 / E 334
Number EC: 201-766-0

Rochelle salt

Natural Rochelle salt

Formula: C4H4KNaO6,4H2O

CAS: 6381-59-5 / E 337
Number EC: 206-156-8

Tartaric acid

Natural Potassium Tartrate

Formula: C4H4K2O6 1/2H2O

Number CAS: 6100-19-2 / E 336 (ii)
Number EC: 213-067-8

Natural Potassium Tartrate

Natural Sodium Tartrate

Formula: C4H4O6Na2,2H2O

Number CAS: 6106-24-7/ E 335 (ii)
Number EC: 212-773-3 

Natural Sodium Tartrate

Natural Cream of Tartar

Formula: C4H5KO6

CAS: 868-14-4 / E 336 (i)
Number EC: 212-769-1

Cream of Tartar

Fields of application

Food & Nutrition

  • Acidifier and natural preservative for marmalades, sauces, ice cream, jellies, juices and beverages

  • Effervescent for carbonated water

  • Emulsifier and preservative in the bakery industry as in preparation of candies and sweets

Pharmaceutical production

  • Used as an excipient for the preparation of effervescent tablets

Dental industry
  • Retarder for dental gypsum

Cosmetics industry
  • Base compoment of many cremes and lotions

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