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Futorque® WIP & SmartClean

The cutting-edge contained hybrid tablet press for R&D and production

The Futorque® WIP is the most flexible, user friendly and compact contained tablet press we have developed so far. With it's "operation-by-process" control software, tableting becomes as easy as using a smartphone.


Impressive production capabilities of up to 129,600 tablets/h and a footprint of less than 0.8 sqm (10.8 sqf) offers you top efficiency in a most compact form

Contained production OEB 3-5, fully washable

Single layer tablets R&D and small scale production

max. 129,600 tabs/h

EU/IPT B, D etc.


18,5" BECKHOFF MultiTouch display

Futorque® WIP & Smart Clean contained tablet press product image

Discover the Futorque® WIP and SmartClean

With its fully contained Futorque®, kg-pharma offers a hybrid rotary tablet press that sets a new benchmark for R&D and production performance of hazardous material.

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About the product

With its  Futorque® WIP and SmartClean, kg-pharma is offering a hybrid rotary tablet press with an integrated containment that sets new standards worldwide for R&D and production purposes.


The system performance pays off from the preparation of clinical studies and orphan drugs all the way to medium-sized production batches, since thanks to the use of Futorque® no major production machine has to be stopped and a high tablet output is nevertheless possible

Operation software

The flagship sets standards in design and intuitive operation. An huge 18.5″ BECKHOFF multitouch display – and a all new control software simplifies usage significantly.


This machine type is outstanding with its state-of-the-art  EtherCAT operation and monitoring technology. The best basis for fast data transmission and a multi-compatible industrial standard software

CADERA machine design

The times when all pharma-machines were built in gray stainless steel have now gone. kg-pharma sets new standards in visual terms as well.


The simple yet elegant “waterfall” front design in white polycarbonate has been combined with sides of stainless steel sheet. For this purpose, the renowned German industrial designer Tom Cadera from Würzburg was given the remit of creating a development for the future

Unique multi purpose concept for standard pharma and containment applications

The Futorque® WIP offers, as one of many other technical innovations, a high torque servo drive for maximum force at slow turret speed, often required in R&D. The product name chosen for the range has been coined from a combination of the words “future” and “torque”. The standard turrets B-18 and D-14, the combi-system and the FlexAdapt X-14 system offer a pitch circle of 240 mm.

Can you sense our enthusiasm and would you like to be part of it?

Our sales specialists will draw up the best offer possible, tailored to suit your individual needs. The potential savings and enhanced production options combined with optimized deployment planning cannot fail to convince you in the end.

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Impressions of the Futorque® WIP OEB 5

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