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Tablet presses

Futorque® X-1


RoTab T 3.0

Compact, mobile and user friendly


RoTab Bilayer 2.0

Mono and bilayer tablet development

Compare our tablet presses

Compare our tablet presses and find the right machine for the needs of your company.

Requirements for modern tableting technology

The tablet presses from kg-pharma show their benefits in the pre-production phase, during research and development and in production itself.


They are the key for scale-up purposes, production optimization and offer enormous potential savings due to their enhanced availability in production. Rigorously separate development and production and use R&D tablet presses as the interface between the two areas!

New products run through a number of relevant processes from the early development stage before they can be used on the patient. In the clinical trial phase, tiny quantities have to be used for testing and converted into tablets. Already at this stage, the quality must be right. kg-pharma knows all about the high demands placed on tableting technology.

Tablet presses from kg-pharma in your value creation chain

The tablet presses from kg-pharma put pharma-manufacturers worldwide in the position of being able to produce tablets – large or small batches – quickly, flexibly and in accordance with the production mode concerned.

If you can’t make up your mind directly, our sales specialists would be glad to explain the benefits the Futorque X-1 or other machines offer and demonstrate their application options at your production facility.

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